Our Aim..

The Lion Leadership was formed from a passion to see people freed and equipped to follow their dreams. To know it's possible to see personal transformation not just in our own lives but that of our families, our businesses, and spheres of influence.

The Lion Leadership helps to address issues in our character, giving us the tools to effect change both within ourselves, our families, and businesses that will bring about positive outcomes, in turn, providing solid foundations which will enable us to grow as individuals, to realise our dreams, further develop our business or careers and along the way impact those we work with and who live within our communities.  
Through public speaking, Masterminds, engaging & challenging workshops to one-2-one coaching sessions WE aim to see individuals 'walkout' the positive changes made into every area of their lives.
The workshops are designed and built around 5 'Key Elements' these being interactive with some small group participation.
The process? Our interactive workshops run over 3 hours where we aim to take all particpicants on a journey that begins by looking at how leadership starts with US; if we can't lead ourselves well then we won't be able to lead others. At the end of the course each participant will come away with a greater undertanding of their strengths, their abilities and their full potential as creative, talented and unique individuals which form the foundations of developing great leadership character. 
For more information, in particular around the style of course run for the workshops, please email us via our contact page.
The'Key Elements'we look at are....

  • Being kind to yourself

  • It's about 'the one'

  • What YOU have

  • Seeing the opportunities

  • Releasing the dream

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