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With many years of leadership experience gained within various different roles and a personal story that has seen his own character as a man, husband, father, and businessman being fully restored, Grant Phypers, our director has a passion to see people of all ages become the best leaders they can be in every area of their lives.







“Grant delivered an interesting and from the heart talk to our Y11 students as part of our Post-16 transition programme in the Spring of 2021. His presentation was very insightful and provided our students with an overview of the work The Lion Leadership does and the skills they need to develop to succeed in life. Thank you, Grant”

Laura West 

Valley Park School



"Grant is the very best kind of facilitator: engaged and attentive to those around him while also being expertly focused on his ability to lead others through a planned discussion. He builds upon taught principles and objective truths by encouraging and drawing out a much more personal response. He balances informality with professional rigour in a way that yields life-changing results." 

Akhtar Shah

The Foundry

‘I am proud to call Grant a true friend. This friendship has built over several years after meeting him through business networking. I have witnessed first-hand his passion, drive and genuine care for people. When Grant told me that he was launching The Lion Leadership, it made perfect sense as all his qualities and skills would be utilised to their maximum potential. I wholly recommend The Lion Leadership to anyone interested in achieving their maximum potential with the support of a consummate professional by their side.’

Simon Wilson

CEO StoneHawk Ltd 



"We recently had an amazing day of training and development with Grant from The Lion Leadership.  He helped us to deepen the relationships within our team which was surprising as we are a very close group already.  He also helped us to expand our thoughts & knowledge on how and why we lead.  The content was excellent and thought-provoking. It has improved our communication between one another and the different departments which have been great!  I look forward to working with him in the future and learning more ways to improve on what we do."


James Gardner

Managing Director

Sinclair & Rush Ltd



"Grant is a natural people person with a flair and talent for facilitating group discussion. He is unapologetic about challenging you to grow and step out of your comfort zone. Consider Grant and this course as your personal trainer. You get out what you put in, and for all your occasional resistance to investigating and exploring yourself, we guarantee you'll leave the course having grown, evolved, and ready to run your race with renewed vigor". 

Carla Loveday  
CooperBurnett LLP 

"A fantastic, timely, and exciting Leadership programme which should be widely embraced and richly encouraged!!"


David Slack

Managing Director, Yattendon Estates Ltd 




"Grant has thought long and hard about the importance of character in leadership. It is an issue close to his heart and his treatment of the topic is effective and authentic.  I enjoyed his clear and direct presentation on various aspects of character, the questions he poses will give much food for thought in organisations keen to strengthen this vital element in organisational success."


Rachel Kochany

Director, Realise Realign Coaching Ltd.



"Grant led the session on character in leadership with characteristic modesty and openness. The workshop was a reflective and enjoyable session on which helped the business leaders present to raise questions about their own personality and leadership style, in a way that was encouraging and illuminating. It will be interesting to see how this programme develops."


David Simmons 

Researcher and Director of Absolute Communication.


"Grant ran the course with passion and enthusiasm. There was nowhere to hide (In a good way. The content was thought-provoking and fun with time passing very quickly. I definitely grew from it in a positive way."

Richard Garrard

Kairos Recruitment Ltd 


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